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Constantly striving to improve its services, the Academic Network at São Paulo (ANSP), has developed as one of its strategies, a means to building a closer relationship with its user entities and companies working in the Information Technologies and Communications market. With this objective, it created the concept of the ANSP Ecosystem and its biannual meetings.

The ANSP Ecosystem aims to develop synergy for the exchange of ideas and technologies, for the testing of systems, protocols and equipment, in a skilled and demanding environment, and to establish the conditions to accelerate the dissemination of the various services and products of manufacturers and suppliers in the academic community.

The ANSP Biannual Meetings are the forum in which the ecosystem is reflected in the dissemination of the knowledge produced and the discussion of problems encountered both by ANSP’s users and by the suppliers of equipment and services. Thus, the meetings consist of lectures, seminars, courses, workshops and any other means that may help increase and share knowledge among the participants.

ANSP’s Biannual Meetings are open to all who wish to benefit from this privileged environment offered by the ANSP Ecosystem.

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